The scrollbar-color CSS property is used to customize the colors of the scrollbar track and thumb in supported browsers. It allows you to define the colors for the two main components of the scrollbar, providing a way to match the scrollbar appearance with your overall design.

The scrollbar-color property accepts two color values:

  • The first color value represents the color of the scrollbar thumb, which is the draggable element that indicates the current position within the content.
  • The second color value represents the color of the scrollbar track, which is the background of the scrollbar.

Here’s an example:

.scroll-container {
  scrollbar-color: #ff0000 #cccccc;

In this example, the .scroll-container class sets the scrollbar-color property to #ff0000 for the thumb color (red) and #cccccc for the track color (light gray).

It’s important to note that the scrollbar-color property is currently supported only in some browsers (such as Firefox and Edge) and may not be supported in all versions. In browsers that do not support this property, the default scrollbar appearance will be displayed.

To ensure a consistent user experience across different browsers, you may want to consider using JavaScript libraries or custom scrollbar solutions that provide more extensive control over the appearance and behavior of scrollbars.

Remember to check the browser compatibility and test your implementation in different browsers to ensure that the desired scrollbar color customization is achieved.