The <i> HTML element is used to apply italic styling to text within a document. It is a semantic element that signifies that the enclosed text should be displayed in italicized form.

Here’s an example of how to use the <i> element:

<p>This is <i>italicized</i> text.</p>

In this example, the word “italicized” is enclosed within the <i> element to indicate that it should be displayed in italic style. When rendered in a web browser, the text will appear in an italic font.

It’s worth noting that the <i> element should be used for its intended purpose of indicating text that is stylistically different from the surrounding content, rather than solely for presentational purposes. For text with emphasis or importance, the <em> element or other appropriate semantic elements should be used instead.

Additionally, for text that represents a term or phrase in a different language or technical context, the <i> element should not be used. Instead, consider using the <span> element with appropriate CSS styling or a more appropriate semantic element.