A squeeze page is a landing page designed to solicit email addresses from potential customers in exchange for a free offer, such as an ebook, white paper, or audio download. The purpose of the squeeze page is to build a list of potential customers who can later be contacted with marketing messages.

Squeeze pages are often effective because they provide something of value for free in exchange for a person’s contact information. This helps to build trust and credibility with potential customers and it also makes it easier to follow up with them later via email.

You’ve probably come across a squeeze page before and didn’t even realize it.

What Makes a Good Squeeze Page?

A good squeeze page has two key components: a lead capture form and a compelling offer. The lead capture form is where the visitor enters their email address. The form should be short and to the point and you don’t want to ask for too much information up front or else you’ll risk losing the visitor’s attention.

As for the offer, it needs to be something that your target audience would find valuable enough to exchange their email address for. It could be an ebook, course, video series, or anything else that would be of use to them. The important thing is that it’s relevant to your business and that it’s something they can’t find anywhere else on your site.

Creating Your Own Squeeze Page

Now that we know what goes into a good squeeze page, let’s talk about how you can create one for your own website. If you’re using WordPress, there are a few plugins you can use to easily create squeeze pages without having to touch any code. You can also use websites like Caard or Squarespace to easily create a page in a matter of a few minutes.

Good luck!